Make your own toner (for every skin type) with just two ingredients

Do you currently use a toner daily? Is it something you’d like to give a try?
They are easy to make, but make sure to make small quantities as they don't have a long shelf life!

DIY - Puzzle Nails


Learn how to do these black and white puzzle nails. So easy!

Turn Scarf Into Headband


Learn a quick & simple trick for temporarily converting a scarf into a headband without destroying it.

Source: Hands Occupied

Dr Oz: Allergens Cause Puffy Eyes

Dr Oz: Milk & Potato Undereye Bag Remedy

Dr Oz gave two great Home Remedies for getting rid of Puffy Eyes.  One Undereye Bag Remedy is to use cold whole milk (yes, whole milk – not skim – you want the fat to be in the milk!), and apply it under your eyes with a cotton ball for 10 minutes.  This is very effective at reducing the puffiness.  The second Puffy Eye Remedy is to apply cold Potato Slices over your eyes for about 10 minutes.  We have all heard and seen people do this with cucumber slices, but potatoes are better because they stay cool for longer and they have an astringent that helps to remove the water from under your eyes.  I have tried a very similar Puffy Eye Remedy that uses grated potatoes, click here to read about it: Under Eye Bags Remedy.


DIY Simple Coconut Oil Lip Gloss

This would be a very fun project to tackle with any tweens or teenagers you have in the house. Easier then one might think!

Full tutorial

This easy to make Green Tea Face Cream is perfect for dry or aging skin!

This Repairing Face Cream is perfect. Green tea has been known to repair some sun damage and possibly reduce signs of aging. Plus, it smells yummy.

Full tutorial

DIY 3 Ingredient, all natural face cream... Absorbs quickly and feels amazing in the morning!

DIY All Natural Moisturizing Cream.

1/2 C. Coconut Oil

1 1/4 C. Cocoa Butter

4 T. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Full tutorial