Double Waterfall Braid


Learn how to do a double waterfall braid with the step-by-step instructions in this hair tutorial from Howcast.

What to Eat for the Healthiest Hair Ever

There are foods that can help your hair to be healthier. The biggest thing with hair and nails is to eat a diet that is full of healthful nutrition. The healthier you eat, the better your body will function," says Dr. Robert Kominiarek, DO, FACOFP. Here’s what you need to put on your next grocery list.

1. Milk

2. Eggs

3. Salmon

4. Leafy greens

5. Orange- and yellow-colored vegetables

6. Water

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Naturally tinted lip balm with frozen dried raspberries

This recipe is a cinch. The hardest part is cleaning out the coffee grinder to remove all the pink specks, lest your coffee start to taste like raspberry.


1-2 tablespoons coconut oil

½ tablespoon ground freeze dried raspberries (add more if desired)

½ - 1 teaspoon beeswax for a firmer consistency

Full recipe and how to right here

Fishtail Mohawk Braid


Watch the video tutorial below to learn how to modernize your ponytails with an attached fishtail mohawk braid.

Source: Sam Villa

Icelandic Anti-Cellulite Face + Body Treatment

This Icelandic technique for tackling cellulite on the body, and saggy skin on the face, is so easy and virtually free. It’s based on the simple principle that increased blood flow helps muscles do their job of holding things up and removing toxic buildup. It’s also great for general well-being. And unlike the Swedish equivalent of hopping in the sauna and rolling in the snow, this doesn’t require a bravery award and can be done at anytime of year.

4 Egg Beauty Treatments

There are tons of ways to put egg on your face – here are 4 recipes that you are going to love.

The protein, fats and nutrients in eggs can work for both dry and oily skin types. If you have oily or aging skin, use the egg white to tighten and firm (bye bye, fine lines and wrinkles!). Or let the fats in the egg yolk hydrate and rejuvenate dry or acne-damaged skin.

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DIY: De-stress Shower Tablets

Aromatherapy works wonders when you’re feeling tired or stressed out. These tablets look really pretty and are a wonderful gift.

Just place the shower tablet on the bottom of the shower and let the aroma do it's job.

They are easy to make: Full tutorial right here