Vintage hair style


Beautiful hair style and very easy to do. Watch the video :)

Easy & Chic Hair Style


Sara Sabater has a beautiful French blog called Secrets Desco Quettes. There she shares hair styles, make-up and other nifty things. Here she shows us how to do this easy chic hair style.

4 easy hair - styles


Do you have short time in the mornings? Here are four easy hair styles that takes no time and easy to do. Via video...


Eye Candy


This beautiful paper eyelashes are designed by Ting yu Wang. The concept is inspired by the art of Chinese paper-cutting. PAPERSELF .

The eyelashes are designed with the intention of mixing traditional culture with contemporary design.

That's how lipstick is made


That's how lipstick is made see the video

Koolaid Dip Dyed Hair


Did you know that you can color your hair with kool-Aid?


The color can last for several months so we recommend that you try this on just one strand of hair first to see how it works!

Four Strand Scarf Braid


In this video you will learn how to do 4-Strand Braid with Wrap-Around Scarf