DIY Anklets & Shoe Accessories

Dress up your shoes with jewelry you already have!

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Easy Hair Styles For Short Hair

Dutch Braid On Short Hair

Learn how to make this Dutch Braid for short hair. Get step by step tutorial here...

Watch the video to learn how to create 3 easy and cute hairstyles that will work for short or long hair.

Learn how to create pretty waves to your short hair with this  step by step tutorial...

4 DIY Hairstyles For Cropped Cuts. Step by step instructions here...

DIY Convertible Bra Straps for Backless Tops

Super cute DIY convertible bra straps that you can swap around and wear with any backless top and dresses! Really easy to make, chic, and look great under any type of backless top!


Turmeric, a yellow colored spice native to India and parts of Asia has been used by Indian women to achieve blemish free, smooth and glowing even skin.

This turmeric mask is also known as ‘Kurkum’ is used by Kanuri brides in Northern Nigeria, West Africa as a skincare treat when preparing for their wedding ceremony.

What you’ll need:

Organic Turmeric
Liquid Milk
Raw Honey
Mixing bowl
A Teaspoon


Take a teaspoonful of turmeric powder and place in your mixing bowl.
Add a teaspoon of raw honey and milk to the turmeric.
Mix into a thick paste, to prevent it from dripping and staining clothes.
Apply to skin and leave till paste hardens, usually about 30 minutes.
Wash paste off with warm water and pat dry.
Follow with your normal organic skincare routine.

The turmeric mask should be used everyday on alternate weeks for flawless complexion.

Full tutorial and video right here

3 Cute Ponytails

Learn how to do these three beautiful ponytail hair styles!

Homemade Sugar Scrub Bars With Coconut Oil

Give yourself a luxurious spa feeling with these homemade coconut oil sugar scrub bars!

These all natural homemade sugar scrub bars will gently exfoliate and clean your skin, leaving your skin feeling hydrated, smooth and soft. Perfect homemade gift everyone will love!


¼ cup coconut oil
8-1” cubes glycerin soap base
1 cup granulated sugar
Essential oil to scent

Head over to for step by step instructions!

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