Front Row Braid Tutorial


Try this pretty Front Row Braid with the step-by-step instructions in this video below! Perfect for summer or special occasions!

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Double Dutch Braid Upstyle in Minutes

Double Dutch Braid Upstyle in Minutes

Check out this Double Dutch Braid Upstyle tutorial from Jenny Strebe and achieve this cute look in minutes!

Infinity Knot Bun

Infinity Knot Bun

Impress all of your friends with this beautiful Infinity Knot Bun hairstyle! Easy and elegant.

Bobby Pin Tricks

Bobby Pin Tricks

This video shows how to easily use bobby pins.

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A simple DIY sugar scrub that you can make with the leftover petals from a bouquet of roses!

The perfect solution to making our favorite rose bouquet last a little longer!

For this DIY sugar scrub recipe, you will need:

1.5 cups of plain white sugar
1/4 cup of baby oil
12 rose petals
a food processor
a pretty jar

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Don’t you think this Baby Rose Sugar Scrub would be a beautiful gift? Me too!

Flower Braid & Low Ponytail

Try This Flower Braid & Low Ponytail

Try this pretty flower braid and low ponytail.

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Flower Braid & Low Ponytail

DIY Microwave Soap

Does making soap from scratch scare you? 

Learn how to "make" soap with your microwave, brownie pans and a few ingredients from outside the back door! ...and we promise there will be no explosions!

 Ingredients needed to make your own handcrafted soap:

Goat’s Milk Soap Base
Shea Butter Soap Base
Molds (purchase or use kitchen molds)
Fragrance Oils
Natural Elements and Fragrances
Wooden Spoon and Microwave-safe Dish

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