Luna - Bring The Moon Along With You

LUNA is a design decor that turns your home into a magical world.

It's a lamp that lightens up your favorite reading corner. It's your companion who embraces you with endless tenderness and warmth late at night when things in life just don't go smoothly. Your mood varies every day but LUNA stays the same for you. The lamp is available in seven sizes.

Source: ACORN Studio

One Of The Best Container Homes We Have Seen

This amazing home is made of 4×40 foot metal shipping containers. The home is located in Canada designed by TLA Architects and built by NCK Builders. So beautiful with lots of creative ideas and one of the best container homes we have seen!

Take the tour in the gallery below!

Source: Houzz

A View Into The World Of An Avant-Garde Collector

Being a collector requires true passion, deep knowledge for the item at hand, endless travels with no boundaries and an exquisite eye for the truly magnificent.

Alketas Pazis is a true collector of all things design, ranging from the styles of the 1900‘s – 1950’s. His mission and never ending love affair is locating, rescuing and reclaiming industrial objects. One could actually say that his vast and very exclusive collection of vintage furniture pieces in Greece and his true love for the Avant-Garde have taken over his personal lifestyle.

Take a look it this fabulous eclectic pieces.

Old garage converted into a dream apartment

This old garage is a good example of what can be done with small spaces. How many of us have garages that only house our junk!? What could you do with a space like this? That home office you’ve always wanted, a studio, a guest house, a home like this? So many possibilities :)



Modern Scandinavian Shelving Solutions

Modern Scandinavian Shelving Solutions

Beautiful in its simplicity, this versatile shelf is well known as a classic Anne Linde design. Perfect for those small but nevertheless important things that one needs by the bedside. It looks great and doesn't take up too much space. This perfectly clever little design can be useful in so many places throughout your home, making relevant space exactly where you need it. The Ledge:able Shelf is available through

Modern Scandinavian Shelving Solutions

Modern Scandinavian Shelving Solutions

Rúdolf Magazine Rack

Rúdolf Magazine Rack

Check out this cute magazine rack, designed by Icelandic designer Anna Thorunn Hauksdóttir. Her ideas and designs are based on emotion and affection that can be traced to past events, experience, memory or curiosity. The Rúdolf Magazine Rack is available through

Rúdolf Magazine Rack

Tales Of The Old Bathtub

Sebastian Luczywo a Polish amateur photographer takes photographs using his old bath tube as a stage. His wife, children and some of the animals on his farm are models in these beautiful and creative photos.

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