Have Brunch In A Bank Vault At The Bedford In Chicago

Few spots in the world can rival the experience of lunch and libations in an old bank vault and, thanks to Pete Gugni (former master mixologist for Bacardi) and head chef Mark Steuer, The Bedford’s beautiful bank vault dining room in Wicker Park is the perfect place to do just that.


An Icelandic Home Near the Arctic Circle

Lilja Palmadottir and her husband, Baltasar Kormakur, yearned for wide open spaces, and built this one-story, 3,165-square-foot house near the Arctic Circle. The grass-topped roof is an homage to ancient Icelandic turf houses, which were carved into hills, using the earth as the roof and walls. Read more here on www.nytimes.com


Is this Flintstone´s House?

This magnificent house in Malibu was for sale a few days ago. And the price ...$3,500,000. Anyone???


Beautiful home in Norway


This beautiful home is located in Oslo, Norway. The building's white exterior and pine clad interior which gives it a warm ambiance.

The house was designed by architect Bing Lorentzen. It had not been done with the property since it was built in the 60th century, the property owner was forced to make some upgrades. The solution was to stain walls and ceilings to make it lighter.

Floor tiles in red terracotta was replaced with pine flooring with underfloor heating and painted the same color as the walls. They spent a long time trying to find the right stain.


Beautiful and large living room that is housing the core and contains both the kitchen and living room. The narrow windows that extend vertically on the wall where the ceiling is highest, and release large amounts of light.

Via Bolig

A Beautiful Flat in Sweden


This beautiful 126 square meter flat in Sweden is very bright, open and spacious. The main characteristics in the flat are the skylights where the sun has ready access to lighten up the apartment. The kitchen is stylish with adjacent dining room. And the fireplace surely doesn´t ruin the atmosphere. The view from the terrace in magnificent.