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Really Nice DIY Pom Pom Trim Pillow

A pillow that everyone love!


2 skeins super bulky yarn (I used Lion brand)
3/4 yard duck canvas
18” square pillow form
Sewing machine and supplies

Begin by making your pom pom’s.  There are lots of ways to make them, but for some reason, I go back to the way I was taught when I was little, so here goes…

Cut a piece of yarn about 8-10 inches long and set it aside, this is your piece to wrap the pom

Take the end of your yarn and place it on your hand with the end sticking down.  Begin wrapping around your fingers, trying to keep it medium pressure (not too tight, not too loose, Goldilocks).  Wrap around 30 times. Slide it off your fingers and place in the center of the yarn previously cut

Tie and knot the yarn string in the center,causing the pom to have the loops on both sides.  While holding the tying piece, cut through all the loops.  Make sure to leave the long ends of the tying piece…these are critical in attaching to the pillow.  #3 is what it looks like after cutting…pretty wonky.  Just trim it up until it’s nice and round.

Place your 19” square piece right side up and start placing your pom pom’s down so the tail is towards the raw edge of the square…just eyeball it.  If you want to get all technical, I guess you could measure, but sometimes I just am too excited to finish.  There should be 5 pom’s on each side of the square…hence the 20 pom’s.

See the whole project here