DIY Jingle Bell Wreath

Give your home a joyful sound this Christmas with a beautiful jingle bell wreath!

DIY Jingle Bell Wreath

Click on the picture of Martha Stewart to learn how to make your own. Enjoy!

DIY Jingle Bell Wreath

Jingle Bell Snowflakes

Jingle Bell Snowflakes

Jazz up the classic snowflake in an unexpected way using jingle bells.

Jingle Bell Snowflakes

See step by step tutorial from Better Homes

Edible Christmas Tree

Edible Christmas Tree

Beautiful and desirable Christmas tree with a lot of delicious fruits. It's great to have one kind of tree to counterbalance all the treats at Christmas. Here... you can see how to do this :)

DIY - Glitter Owl Christmas Ornament

This little owl ornament will look so cute hanging on your Christmas tree!


ball ornament, clear or color of your choice
sliver and gold glitter, fine works best
feathers (optional)
two small black buttons


fine Sharpie
scrap paper
glue stick
glue, something thick like tacky glue
small paintbrush

Hop on over to for step by step tutorial with photos!

DIY - Rosemary Sprig Place Cards

All you need are some sprigs of rosemary, printed (or hand written!) place cards, and a hole punch. So beautiful!

Hop on over to for tutorial

DIY - Upcycled Needlepoint Wreath

This beautiful autumn wreath is made from old needlepoint pieces. They can be found very cheap in a thrift store or a flea market and can be re-made into something very cool and modern. So beautiful and creative project by Sweet Paul.

DIY - Peanut Butter Cup Christmas Trees

These peanut butter cup Christmas trees are SO CUTE! They go together really quickly and look absolutely adorable! They’d make a great dessert or snack at a Christmas party, and can even be wrapped up to give as a gift or party favour.

Hop on over for full tutorial and more great ideas!