Strawberry Stitch Tutorial

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  We have seen  on You Tube at least two designers showing the stitches using Tunisian crochet technique. The one We are about to show you is using tapestry crochet technique in which one or more yarns are carried on top of the previous row and inside the working stitches. To learn more about tapestry crochet read it in here. If you prefer to download the instructions in pdf you can do so here and to watch the videos a friend of  mine at Lyn's Craftt has created, just follow the links below.   

DIY stylish collar

What a brilliant idea! An easy to make stylish collar.


Stylish shoes makeover


Add some personality to a pair of plain black shoes with a pretty print, a touch of gold and a button.

You will need
• black shoes with stack heels
• image of your choice
• masking tape
• gold enamel paint
• paintbrush and sponge brush
• thinners
• scissors and pencil
• modge podge
• 2 buttons
• hot glue gun
• varnish

Head over to Idea for the tutorial

Ballerina Ornament Tutorial.

A wonderful Ballerina ornament from Ra Ra Superstar.

Tags: DIY: Snowflake ballerinas

Funky Fabrics!

A few years ago James Pickering was in New York visiting his friend, Timothy Warr, when the duo spotted a brightly upholstered chair in a   shop window.  It was a poor quality reproduction piece and, despite its outrageous price tag, was attracting a lot of attention.  It was a “we can do that, but better” moment, and in less than an hour Antique 2 Chic was born.

So when you inherit a vintage sofa from Aunt Fran that is just not your style, look at it from a different approach.  With a little imagination and restoration, it will take a place of pride in your living room.


Ornaments & Keychains made out of corks.

There are so many possibilities to make something fun and creative from wine corks.

Take a look at all the wine cork projects.

Amazing Lamp Inspiration For The Kids Room

Take a look at all the amazing lamps for kids rooms that we found browsing the internet!

For some of you crafty people out there you might get inspired & make something so gorgeous yourself?