What can you do with white gift bags? Well, this

Bow out, eyes, nose, whiskers and ready is your treat bag. filling but, preferably with natural pink candy.

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Ingeniousness meets practicality: Tires revamped into vibrant tables!

Article from homecrux.com

The impressive scope of recycling has certainly given us a slew of innovative furniture conceptions to write about. Anyhow, a very few of them are actually practical when it comes to real time usage patterns. The Tavomatico table line is one of such rare specimens, and it does entice us with its essence of vibrancy.

Designer James Mondini has always been an aficionado for various automobiles and their engines. And, it this heartfelt enthusiasm for automotive parts that directly translated into the ingeniously conceived Tavamatico. Basically, the ambit is pretty simple; used tires were once again given a new life by transforming them into bantam table sets.

DIY No Sew Rolled Window Valance

This brilliant project comes from the clever Kristine at thepaintedhive.net

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The Unpredictable Geography of Mending

Well why not mend your old jeans! This looks really cool.


Adorable DIY bookmarks

you will need....large wooden lolly sticks
pens,washi tapes, buttons, trims
draw on your fabulous hairdo using the pens... add features
wrap washi tape around the stick to look like clothes and draw on collars, buttons etc...
draw on legs and shoes (and then wish you had a dress and tights just like them)
This craft is from teawagontales.blogspot.nl

Amazing before & after bathroom.

Astonishing bathroom make over!



Egg-less Butterscotch ice-cream with Almond praline

Egg-less Butterscotch ice-cream with Almond praline

Yield – about 1 litre

Things you need -

For the ice cream
50 gms salted Butter ( or use unsalted butter and add 1 tsp of salt )
1 cup or 180 gms Brown sugar
100 ml single cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
250 ml single cream
250 ml heavy cream or double cream
250 ml milk
3 tbsp cornstarch or custard powder
a pinch of salt

For the almond praline -
handful Almonds
1 cup Sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
3/4 cup water
half tsp salt

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