Which Wall Color Gives The Best Sleep?

There are so many questions to ask when choosing a bedroom color. But since we spend most of our bedroom time sleeping, the most important question might be: does the color of your bedroom affect how much sleep you get? A new study suggests it might.

According to The Daily Mail, a new study looked at 2000 homes across the U.K. to see if the color of a bedroom can influence how much sleep its occupants get. Their survey indicated that the most restful color for a bedroom is blue, with people sleeping in blue bedrooms getting on average seven hours and 52 minutes of sleep a night.

“This is an amazing result, as there are specialized receptors called ganglion cells in the retina part of our eyes, which are most sensitive to the color blue,” said sleep expert Chris Idzikowski from the Edinburgh Sleep Centre. “These receptors feed information into an area deep in our brain that controls 24 hour rhythms, and affects how we perform and feel during the day. That interaction between light, sleep and wakefulness is supremely important.”

The study also found that color affects other bedroom activities. Couples who sleep in a bedroom that is decorated in a caramel make love on average three times per week. But those who sleep in a red bedroom make love just once a week.

Blue 7 hrs 52 mins

Yellow 7 hrs 40 mins

Green 7 hrs 36 mins

Silver 7 hrs 33 mins

Orange 7 hrs 28 mins

Red 6 hrs 58 mins

Gold 6 hrs 43 mins

Grey 6 hrs 12 mins

Brown 6 hrs 05 mins

Purple 5 hrs 56 mins

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Eggs-tra Special Campfire Starter

Summertime means...campfires, s'mores, relaxing and family fun.

Recycle a CARDBOARD (only) egg carton and fill it with "match light" charcoal. Fill each egg cup with one brickette.

Make sure they are match light charcoal and the carton is cardboard, NOT the styrofoam kind. The cardboard carton is easy to light with a match and then the charcoal starts too!! Make up several cartons and keep them on hand to take with you camping or just keep in a safe place for those last minute fires you have in the backyard for roasting hot dogs or marshmallows!


This is definitely how shoes should be stored.

Image source luckymag.com

{image source: Shoe Daydreams via Apartment Therapy}

Image source agirlinboston.com

{image source: This is Glamorous via Apartment 132}

Fashion Take Away-Don’t be boxed in by the space you’re given. Make your own.

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Painting Tips: Remove Lint from Your Paint Roller

Paint rollers are a great way to speed up the painting process, but if you’re working with an older roller or a high-shine finish, they can leave little bits of lint in your paint. This doesn’t look so hot once the last coat dries.

To reduce lint from your paint roller and to create the smoothest finish, go over your roller brushes with a lint roller before each use.


DIY Tree Stump Side Table with legs

What's better than a good deal or a cheap DIY project? Especially if it's something that looks expensive and that you want to display proudly.

See the full tutorial here

Low Carb Recipes


Low Carb Pizza Bites. Carbohydrates 1g.


8 ounces cream cheese

2 eggs

1 tsp. garlic powder

1 tsp. oregano

1/4 cup SF pizza sauce or spaghetti sauce

1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese or combination mozzarella & other cheese such as parmesan

1/2 cup finely minced green pepper or any other pizza toppings

24 slices pepperoni

    Head over to diabeticconnect.com for the full recipe and instructions.

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    Pear walnut and mock banana ice cream tower


    Pear walnut and mock banana ice cream tower from TalesofaKitchen

    It’s absolutely gorgeous, healthy and good for you.

    Serves: 1


    1 pear, sliced thick
    1 frozen banana
    5 TBSP almond meal
    ¼ cup raw walnuts (a handful)
    honey/agave/maple syrup, to taste

    Head over to TalesofaKitchen for the full recipe and instructions.