DIY Marquee Letter


Follow this easy tutorial to make your very own marquee letter! Hop on over to Making a House a Home for instructions


Diy Toy Chests


These lovely kids toy chests are perfect for the playroom. If you would like to make one for your kids, hop on over to Bloesemekids for free template and instructions


Diy Upcycled Glass Bottles


Here is a great way to upcycle your wine bottles. With decoupage lacquer you can transform bottles into stylish candle holders or vases. Hop on over to Craft and Creativity for tutorial in English and Swedish. Be crafty , and make old bottles look adorable!


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How to Make a Popsicle Stick & Wooden Bead Trivet

Brilliant Trivet tutorial from

You can never really have enough trivets, especially if you entertain a lot. They're a bit tricky to find in the store, so it's a good thing that you can make one inexpensively. We love how the trivet looks a natural color palette in this Popsicle stick trivet, which furthers the vintage feel. In color, it's adorably whimsical.


45 to 50 Popsicle sticks
45 to 50 1/2″ wooden beads
45 to 50 1/4″ wooden beads
2 yards of 1mm elastic cord (you’ll have extra)

This first, and most laborious part is the drilling of the Popsicle sticks. You need to drill three, 1/16″ holes in each Popsicle stick. One hole at 6/16″ another at 2″ and another at 3 3/4″. I found that stacking 3 on top of each other works pretty well but once you get higher than that it’s hard for them to stay aligned. I used 45 Popsicle sticks in my trivet but you could use a few more or a few less, whatever works to make a circle.

Putting it all together.

Tie a knot in the end of each of the lengths of elastic and then feed it through a Popsicle stick. Pull the the 8″ length through the hole 6/16″ from the bottom, the 18″ length through the hole in the middle and the 28″ length through the hole at the top. Next put a 1/2″ bead through the elastic at the top a 1/4″ bead through the elastic in the middle and nothing on the bottom. Thread on the next Popsicle stick and repeat that pattern again until you have a circle.

Make sure to see all the other stuff from

Chandelier made from old min-blinds


Create this stunning chandelier using old mini blinds. Go to Mindful Making for instructions.


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DIY Awesome Cleaning Slime

This has to be one of the best home product, i have ever come across .. This stuff is awesome! Perfect for getting those truly hard to reach places & corners. This is perfect for cleaning a keyboard. I have tried the store bought stuff but now I will definitely try the home made one!

Take time to watch the video below for detailed information on how to DIY this effective Cleaning Slime..


DIY Leather Belt Rug


Check out this amazing leather belt rug tutorial and learn how to make one for your home. Super simple project. Go to Lilyshop to see this awesome tutorial.


This leather belt rug is for sale on Etsy.


Leather Rug made from thrifted belts by Danny Seo

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Stunning leather belt floor from Ting