DIY Flower Christmas Ornament

This is a totally sweet Christmas ornament idea! All you need is some paper, hot glue gun and some basic cutting skills and you can create as many of these beautiful flowers as you like. I would make a few and alternate the colors… maybe silver/gold and also green/red.

Here’s the link to the full photo tutorial…

DIY - Yarn Ball Ornament

DIY - Yarn Ball Ornament

This is a super simple DIY project and great gift idea for any knitters or crocheter! Get tutorial here... 

DIY - Yarn Ball Ornament

Such a cute gift.

Such a good idea for that extra special friend.

Fill these jars with whoppers or chocolate balls and give them to your neighbors! The decorating is simple and takes only a few minutes to make it look great and very seasonal!


DIY - Merry Sign

Make this adorble merry sign using cardboard letters, spray paint, little gold balls, and a glue gun. We love this idea, so pretty!

Hop on over to for tutorial!

DIY - Scandinavian Tomte Christmas Elf Ornament

These little elves are popular in Sweden, Norway and Denmark around the holidays. They are so cute and really easy to make. You could use them on your tree, to top Christmas presents or on a pretty winter branch!

Hop on over to for tutorial!

DIY - Peppermint Cupcake Stand!

You can make these cute peppermint cupcake stands with just a few simple items! Set them on dessert tables or serve your holiday dessert on its own unique little cupcake stand!

Hop on over to for full tutorial.

DIY Ballerina Ornaments

These are beautiful!

The possibilities are endless.

These ballerinas where made by Cassity.

First, she googled for Ballerina silhouettes.  She printed a few on cardstock and glued them to the back of the decorative paper, it wasn’t card stock.  For this decoration you want to have heavy paper.

Cut out the silhouette and then start making the skirt.

Cut out some half moon tissue paper tutu’s with pinking sheers.

Lastly, glue it to the Ballerina body.

For a full detailed tutorial head over to

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