DIY Concrete Umbrella Base

This Instructable will show you how to make a concrete umbrella base from an IKEA lamp shade using basic tools and materials.

That doesnt seem to difficult. just a matter of making the the proper form!

Just absolutely brilliant!

Full tutorial right here at

Make These Macrame Hanging Planters in 30 Minutes!

Make These Macrame Hanging Planters in 30 Minutes!

Very creative!

This DIY project has great step-by-step instructions.

Materials needed:
– Jersey Knit Fabric
– Ceramic Planter
– Tape Measure
– Hook Screw

Less than 10 steps to these swingin’ beauties? Lets get cracking.

Full tutorial right here

DIY coffee table.

Looks fantastic and is so easy to make.


Brilliant Product - Inflatable Buffet and Salad Serving Bar


The nice and sunny summer days are finally here, and it is time for outdoor parties and picnics. Especially in this hot weather, keeping the food and beverages cool is quite a challenge. This is why "Greenco" came up with this incredible product. Try it out and see how useful it is. Carry, inflate, add ice, and enjoy! - This Inflatable Buffet and Salad Serving Bar is super lightweight which makes it very handy to carry along when going out for a picnic or barbecue. - All you have to do is inflate the serving bar and fill it with ice. - You can place it either on the ground or on a table.- It is ideal for keeping salad bowls and condiment bottles chilled and fresh. - You can also use the Inflatable Buffet and Salad Serving Bar to keep a variety of canned and bottled beverages icy cold! Get yours here...

DIY - Piped Flower Cake

DIY Piped Flower Cake

This piped flower cake is perfect for everything from backyard weddings to bridal showers to formal affairs!

Go to for step by step tutorial!

DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

Diy Yarn Wall Art

You can make a fun and easy wall art for your home by using a frame and colorful yarn!

Diy Yarn Wall Art

Go to for step by step tutorial.

DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

Here’s a great way to add warmth and texture to your walls. All you need is a blank artist’s canvas, several different-coloured yarns and a little patience! Tutorial...

The Perfect Face-down Tanning and Massage Pillow

Podillow - The Perfect Face-down Tanning and Massage Pillow

Finally, the perfect sun tanning pillow and massage pillow. PODillow's unique patent pending design allows you to tan or get a massage in any position you desire, and be totally comfortable. Whether you're laying facedown, on your side, or flat on your back, PODillow allows you to tan in complete comfort. As if that wasn't enough, PODillow also has two internal pockets to hold and protect your MP-3 player, cell phone, car keys or any other personal items you want to keep safe. While using your PODillow you can listen to your tunes wearing both earphones in total comfort, no matter what tanning position you choose. Get yours here...