DIY - Copper Rimmed Glass Candleholder


You can easily make this chic copper rimmed glass candleholder. Much, much easier than it looks!

Just follow the step by step tutorial right here... at House of Earnest.



DIY - Chain Belt


Learn how to make a belt with a necklace application. The result is very cute, and it can brighten up any simple look you wear!

You will need:

Basic belt
Necklace you prefer
Needle and thread
Scissors (and/or punch if necessary)

Go to for step by step tutorial...

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We Whisk You a Happy New Year


We are very thankful for your visit. Your interest in our website motivates us and inspires to do even better!

Best wishes and a Happy New Year!

Inga & Anna Lisa

DIY - Hoop Shelf in an Hour!


It really is a simple and elegant solution if you are wanting to introduce a round shelf to a space in your home– and it cost less than 20 bucks to make. Head over to A Beautiful Mess for step by step instructions!


DIY - Sweater Lamp


Learn how to make this amazing pendant lamp using your old full sleeves sweater and wooden embroidery rings.

Go to Instructables for step by step tutorial


4 Sweet and Salty Snacks Under 80 Calories


Salted Chocolate Clementine Wedges - 72 Calories

For a bit of savory citrus, indulge in 4 clementine wedges, dipped in a bit of melted dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt.


Honey Butter Popcorn - 76 Calories

Drizzle 1/2 cup air-popped popcorn with 1 teaspoon melted salted butter, mixed with 1 1/4 teaspoons buckwheat honey.


Sweet Wasabi Trail Mix - 68 Calories

Mix together 2 teaspoons wasabi peas, 2 teaspoons dried cranberries, and 2 teaspoons dry-roasted peanuts.


Strawberry Feta Salad - 78 Calories

Toss 1 cup sliced strawberries with 1 tablespoon crumbled feta and 1 teaspoon chopped mint.

See more low calorie snacks at

Banana Bread Tiramisu


And yes, you read that right. Banana bread tiramisu. These gorgeous desserts have:

 Homemade banana bread, Dulce de leche soaking syrup, Caramelized bananas, Mascarpone cream, Whipped cream, chocolate pearls and an edible chocolate shell around the entire thing!

Head over to for the recipe!