3 Easy Ways to Make a Boring Pot of Rice Taste Amazing

Making a pot of rice to serve with dinner is nearly automatic. But plain rice day after day after day can get...well...a little boring, don't you think? Here are 3 tricks I use to give my everyday rice a little extra oomph in the flavor department.

1. Toast the Grains:

Toasting the dry rice grains in a little butter or olive oil before adding the water brings out their flavor and adds a fantastic nutty note in the finished dish. I especially love doing this with brown rice and other whole grains like farro and barley.

2. Cook the Rice with Chicken or Vegetable Broth:

This one's a no-brainer, assuming that you have some extra stock handy! If not, I'll add a dab of chicken or vegetable bouillon. I sometimes find that using 100% chicken broth can make the rice feel gummy or overly-starchy — personally, I usually go for a 50/50 mix of broth and water. This adds a layer of flavor and richness without going overboard.

3. Season the Rice with What You're Cooking

Any aromatic herb or vegetable goes a long way toward adding a bit of intrigue to a simple pot of rice. Very often, some of the same seasonings going into the main dish are great for the rice as well. I've found that whole spices are usually better for adding subtle flavors, while ground spices are great when we really want the rice to stand out on its own.

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Cute & Easy Halloween Crafts


We found these cute Halloween crafts at parenting.com. Fun to make and really easy DIY ideas for all of you crafty people!


Diy Boo Baby Food Jar Bats. Tutorial...


Make this spooky paper spider piñata from paper lantern. Tutorial...


Make these cute mummies using tin cans, cheesecloth, buttons and gummy worms. Tutorial...


Diy Eek Jar-o'-Lanterns. Tutorial...


Diy Cat pumpkin. Tutorial...


Easy face painting designs for kids. Tutorial...

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IKEA Hacks - Bekvam Stool


You can dress up your Ikea Bekvam stool in many ways. Use your imagination and create a new look that suits your style. The possibilities are endless!


Old table and Bekvam stool from Ikea. Such a brillant idea!


Ikea Bekvam painted in neon. Via...


Ikea Bekvam piano. Via...


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DIY Wooden Bow Tie

It is always so hard to try to think of handmade Christmas presents for the guys. But this project is the ultimate gift for a fancy lumberjack… or any guy that wears bow ties.

What you need:
-Thin crafting wood (Michael’s)
-Pencil and ruler
-Scroll saw
-Belt sander
-Sewing machine
-Hot glue gun
-Hooks and eyes
-Needle and thread

Step by step tutorial 

So cute

Step by step tutorial

DIY Paper Tube Mummy Candy Boxes

Not only are they cute candy boxes- Just fill them up and wrap them in a cellophane bag, but they are a little monster guy to play with when the candy is emptied out.

You will need: sports wrap – cost about $3. Empty toilet paper tubes, or paper towel tubes, cut into thirds, wiggle eyes, a couple glue dots for the eyes and a little bit of masking tape.

Simple and fun project to do!

Step by step tutorial right here

DIY Jewelry Tray from Old Scarves

Great idea! Fabric remnants would work too for those that don't have any scarves!

Supplies needed:

Old scarves. Thin, filmy scarves work best

Wooden tray

Mod Podge + Brush

See the step by step tutorial right here

Glutenfree Gingerbread Cake Mix In a Jar


Make this delicious glutenfree gingerbread cake mix. Bake or microwave until done. Serve warm with ice cream.

Easy and inexpensive way to create gifts for friends and family!

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