DIY Storage case for your bathroom


Who doesn't need more storage space in their bathroom? Here's a great DIY storage solution with full length mirror. Head over to Shanty 2 Chic for step by step tutorial.


DIY Paint Can Planters

This post comes from contributor FP Naomi.

You’ll Need:

          An empty gallon-size paint can

          50ft. 3/8in. sisal rope

          Hot glue gun & glue

          White acrylic paint

          Paint brush

          Painter’s tape

          Hook & rope for hanging

Paint within the taped off area. Be sure to use some water to thin and spread paint as you go.

See step by step tutorial

Brilliant DIY iPhone Book Charger


 Make your own iPhone dock using an old book and your iPhone charger. Visit Allison at Little Lovelies for step by step tutorial or watch the video below!


This is such a brilliant idea!

There are so many iPhone docks out there but this one will surely be a great accessory to your room!

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    How To Make A DIY Draft Stopper

    To make a draft stopper,

    you will need fabric, Scissors and the usual sewing essentials. thread and 5 lbs. rice (approx)

    Easy sewing see the full tutorial

    Fill it up with rice, sew the end together and your good to go!

    DIY Yardsticks Deer

    This project comes with a step by step tutorial from

    A fantastic project featuring new and old yardsticks.

    DIY Bracket Bookshelves

    Bookshelves are so important to any home! So let's try to make some with the help from

    These will look good in any room of the home.

    Materials used in this project

    They where mostly found at Home Depot.

    Step by step tutorial

    DIY Leather and Twig Jewelry Holder


    This leather and twig jewelry holder is unique and super easy to make! You will need: Old leather belt, tree branch or stick, S hooks and glue or hot glue gun.


    Head over to The Merry Thought for step by step tutorial

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