Diy Advent Calendar Tree


Learn how to make this easy and beautiful diy advent calendar tree using paper envelopes, color pens, mini cupcake cups, scissors and tape.

Go to Casa Haus for tutorial in English and Spanish.


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DIY Subway Tile Mirror


It’s super simple and you only need a mirror, subway tile sheets and very strong glue. Go to for tutorial.


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    Diy Cinnamon Ideas


    Cinnamon sticks make the perfect addition to autumn decorations, so spice up your holiday season with things made of cinnamon sticks. It's beautiful and it smells like the holidays.

    How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh Longer


    Want your Christmas tree to stay fresh and green through the season? Try these simple tips.

    As soon as you get the tree home, lay it on its side and use a tree saw to make a straight cut, removing about 1 inch off the bottom of the trunk. Applying WD-40 to the saw blade before cutting will keep the blade moving freely in the cut.

    Using a 1/2-inch drill bit, drill a hole straight into the bottom of the trunk to receive the spike at the bottom center of the Christmas tree stand. Then drill three or four holes around the edge of the trunk where it will be submerged in water. This will help it absorb the water.

    Check the tree’s water at least three times per day for the first few days and then daily. To prevent the base of the tree from sealing up, be sure to keep the container at least half full of water at all times. (You can set short length of PVC pipe into the basin to make it easy to add water without having to crawl under the tree!)


    Mother of all Chocolate Cakes

    Wow. You are lucky that you know about this blog because you just hit the jackpot. Briet is going to give you the recipe for the best chocolate cake you'll ever make. Seriously.


    5 dl flour
    5 dl sugar
    2 dl cocoa
    3 tsp baking powder
    1 tsp salt
    1 tsp espresso powder
    2 Â½ dl milk
    1 Â¼ vegetable oil
    2 eggs
    2 Â½ dl boiling water

    Get the full recipe here at

    Diy Lichen Branch Jewelry Tree


    Learn how to make this beautiful jewelry tree to display and store your jewels!

    This fun DIY makes a wonderful (and inexpensive!) gift

    You will need:

    lichen branches
    white spray paint
    gold spray paint
    stick for stirring
    measuring cup
    Rapid Set Cement
    container for mold
    blue painters tape
    PAM spray
    gorilla glue/hot glue gun

    Go to for instructions

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    IKEA Hack - Diy Cloud Rug


    Make this cloud rug using LUDDE rug from IKEA. So cute for the nursery room!


    Source: Mommo Design