DIY Concrete Love Hearts Necklace


This is a great necklace DIY idea, and really easy to make. Hop on over to Fall For Diy for step by step tutorial


How to make a brush organizer

This genius idea comes from

To make the organizer, sushi mat and an elastic are needed. See the step by step tutorial here

It is so easy to make and looks really nice. Well done I must say!

Diy Macramé Hangers


Learn to make these unique and fun macramé hangers. Go to Dailyfix for step by step tutorial

Before & After. A Bedroom Freshened with Black and White!

This bedroom get's a really cool make-over that's for sure take a look!

The wooden piece above the bed was an old attic vent for a house exterior.

The slant between the wall and the ceiling is what inspired the crazy black stripe.


Diy Marble Tray


Marble is one of the biggest trend this season. Learn how to make your own marble tray.

Hop on over to Almost Makes Perfect for instructions


DIY mountain pillow

This unique and fun mountain pillow is easy to make.

Read the full how-to here


thick fabric for the base of the mountain (For this pillow a solid heavyweight gray suiting fabric.)
white fabric for the snow peaks
mountain pillow pattern
corresponding thread
sewing pins
sewing machine

This is utterly cute. I think it would be great to make a mountain range, maybe with different colors and patterns.

Before & After - Stenciled Cedar Chest


An old cedar chest got a fabulous makeover with a little paint and stencil! There are so many uses for stencil. You can decorate floors, ceilings, walls, fabric and more. Read the full story at Revolutionaries



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