Diy - Wooden Bead Ornaments


Here are some great Christmas ornament ideas to get you in the crafting and holiday spirit!


Diy simple hearts out of wire and wooden beads. Thread beads on the wire, shape it like a heart and make a loop at the top. Via...


Bead Garland Hearts. Click here... for tutorial


Wooden bead star. Via...


Wooden Bead ornaments made with alphabet stamps. Via...


Heart ornament made out of duct tape and wooden beads. Via tutorial


So simple and beautiful. Via...


Wooden Christmas ornaments, so pretty and easy to make. Via...


Beautiful wooden bead ornaments. Simply paint the beads whatever color you desire then apply rub on's or stickers for decoration and string them on jute. Via...


DIY Christmas Tree Ornament. Via tutorial


This is such a simple project that you could involve those little hands around you. Go to for tutorial

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This is such a simple project that you could involve those little hands around you. - See more at:

Use stones and pebbles to easily make a Barbapapa family!

Who doesn't adore Barbapapa? Easy and fun project, made by Berglind Sigmars from Iceland.

Fun body shirt

This cute tee shirt comes from

All you need is a plain white tee shirt, striped fabric,  brown fabric, an old pair of jeans and some white yarn.

sew a button on the pants.

cut brown fabric for shoes and used yarn for white laces.

Then  just line the pieces up, pinn them in place and sew them onto the white shirt with a zig zag stitch.

Full tutorial here

DIY Chalkboard Globe: Anthropologie Soapstone Knock Off

Jacob does it again with this great DIY chalk paint globe!

Such a cute idea and endless possibilities of use.

Materials used: Plastic globe, black acrylic paint, chalkboard paint, brushes and chalk.

Step one is to paint the entire globe black including the blue stand. Jacob wanted to have a basecoat to paint the chalkboard paint onto.

After painting 2 coats of black acrylic, and 2 coats of chalkboard paint – Jacob then conditioned the globe. This is done by crushing up some chalk and wiping it all over. This is what Jacob tried to create the soapstone texture, by wiping the chalk dust horizontally around the globe.

See the full tutorial right here

DIY: Advent calendar

Advent Calendars are a great tradition for families that celebrate Christmas. Here is a simple idea of a modern advent calendar. It's easy to make and very inexpensive. Source...
Add pieces of paper with sweet notes or activities for the season :)
See more great advent calendar ideas here... 

Diy Clay Petal Vase


A plain vase got a fabulous makeover with a touch of stone glay. This tutorial from Centsational Girl can help you create something really beautiful. Hop on over to Kate to see the full instructions!


DIY Nightstand!

DIY project: split a table in half, paint it a bright cheery color, install on both sides of a bed....