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DIY Burning Feathers candle

This project calls for some napkins with feather images, scissors, spoon, candles and wax.

Start melting the wax in your chosen dipping can.

Cut the designs out of the paper napkin.

Heat the spoons on a stove-plate. You'll work with one, while the other stays warm.

Position the design onto the candle, and working from the center outwards, rub the hot spoon over the design, melting and fixing it onto the candle. Go over it again and again, eliminating all air bubbles.

When the dipping wax reaches 93°C, (199°F), submerge the candle slowly, keep it in the wax for 3 seconds, and pull it out quickly.

Warm an old pan up on the stovetop, and neaten the base of the candle in it.


Vintage Wrapped Hangers

We adore the fabric wrapped hangers, they're so cheery and cute.

Tutorial right here

DIY: Catch-all Wall Pockets

What a unique and cool idea making versatile wall pockets that can be used in any room of the house with cork mats and leather! Using old leather jackets for this project might be an idea?

What you need:
Round cork mats in various sizes

Leather scrap pieces big enough to use for pocket(these were found at my local fabric shop)
Small upholstery tacks
1/2″ wide Leather strips
Hot glue and a hot glue gun

See full tutorial here

DIY feather pens

Who says that pen can’t be glamorous with feathers? There’s something fancy about a quill pen and sometimes fancy is just what is needed to inspire great writing or (let’s be real) doodling. Best of all, because they are so easy to make. You can use all kinds of material like lace, silk, fabric scraps or anything you desire!


DIY - City Silhouette Canvases


You can make a fun and easy wall art for your home by using canvas, paint and silhouettes. This would also make a great gift for travelers! Go to for tutorial.



DIY - Driftwood Necklace


Go on a search for some driftwood so you can make these unique necklaces!

See full tutorial at


DIY - Easy Mirror Hanger


It’s super simple and you only need a mirror and some rope. Go to for tutorial.