Diy : Lego Key Hanger

Easy to do and really good solution for your keys!

And voila it's done!


Pink Owl Costume


Here's a great step by step tutorial on how to turn a simple hoodie into an owl Halloween costume. Via...

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Tip Of The Day! How To Hang Boots

Clever idea!

Hang boots with pants hangers.


DIY Fish Tail Lantern

Full tutorial from

This lamp looks so great and is not very difficult to make!

Materials you need for this project

  • 110# paper
  • circle cutter (available at most craft stores)
  • Rit Dye
  • paraffin wax
  • mineral oil
  • crock pot
  • extra bowl
  • white paper lantern
  • glue gun


1. Use your circle cutter and use 110# paper to create around 200 circles. The 200 circles will cover a 14 in. paper lantern.

2. Place the cut circles into a bucket of Rit Dye (I used the purple and purple mixed with teal) and allow them to darken to your taste. I chose to make my circles different shades to enhance the texture of the final piece.

3. Create a double boiler with your crock pot and extra bowl. Put a block of the paraffin wax in the extra bowl to melt. Once the wax is melted, add mineral oil to thin the wax. Make sure your circles are dry and then dip each one into the wax, making sure to leave a portion of the top clean and clear of any wax. Lay the circle on wax paper to dry.

Note: Dipping the circles in the wax makes the paper transparent and allows the light to pass through it more easily.

4. Once the wax has dried, start attaching the circles to a white paper lantern. Use a glue gun and be sure to place the glue on the portion of the circle that does not have wax on it.

5. Work your way around the lantern until it is fully covered. I started at the bottom and overlapped my circles in a fish scale-like pattern so the top layer would be at the top of the lantern.

6. Use the lighting kit that comes with the lantern to create an amazing light fixture!

Note: She tested the lantern using a 60 watt compact florescent lightbulb, and the wax stayed cool and completely intact. I recommend sticking with compact florescent bulbs to keep the heat in check.


Diy Playhouse Bed


How gorgeous is this cozy little playhouse bed!


Head over to Baby Gizmo for step by step instructions!

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