Diy Floral Mirror


Make this stunningl paper floral mirror!

A beautiful wall art for your home!

You will need:

mirror or frame
black acid-free paper
craft glue or PVA
pliers and wire cutter
staple gun
spray finish, matte or glossy
optional: black paint and paintbrush for frame

Full tutorial at Designsponge

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Painted Fabric Chair


Did you know that you can paint your fabric furniture?  This old chair got a new life with gray fabric paint and  colorful felted balls was added into the divots of the tufting. Read the full story at Craft Room by Brett Bara.



Easy tutorial on how to make a rug!

It is a simple process that brings beautiful results.

The rug consists of fabric braids.

See the full tutorial here

Happy sewing!

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DIY Pom Pom Scarf


I love this pom pom scarf made by Tea Rose Home. It's so cute and adorable and really easy to make!

You will need:

2 balls of yarn

2 - 17" red ribbons

Red thread

Pom-pom maker

Head over to Tea Rose Home for tutorial

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DIY Egg Carton Lamp

A brilliant egg carton lamp made by

Materials you need:

 About 9 egg cartons (the 12 dozen sized)
Spray paint
Chicken wire (10 x 20 inches)
1 string of 100 LED lights (See tips)
Floral wire
Craft knife

Full tutorial

And here it is with the lights turned on.  I love this lamp!

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DIY Photo Table Runner


This is such a fun way to display photos at a wedding or event, and also a fabulous conversation starter!

Head over to Ruffled for tutorial

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DIY Yarn Wall Art

DIY stylish yarn display to freshen up the space for this season.

you need lots and lots of yarn!

Full tutorial

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