DIY Slate Cheeseboard

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What’s better than cheese and crackers? A good excuse to eat them. And that is exactly what this super cute slate cheeseboard will give you– All for under $5.

Things you will need

1 | Slate tile (you can get free samples at tile & flooring stores)

2 | Felt Circles

3 | Olive oil

4 | Chalk marker / chalk (optional)

| Scrub (thoroughly) and rinse your slate piece, and pat dry.

2 | Coat all surfaces of the slate with olive oil, then scrub and rinse slate again. This will condition the surface and help create a barrier between the slate & food. Once you’ve scrubbed and rinsed the second time, apply one last coat of olive oil and dab away the excess. *

3 | Apply adhesive felt circles to each of the four corners.

4 | Using a chalk marker, label the cheeses.

5 | Display and eat. You can also refrigerate the slate to keep your cute cheese cold, it’s a win/win!

Hand wash only!

DIY Bubble Party Favors & Bubble Solution Recipe

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Birthday party- bubbles. So easy and so popular.

How to Make Your Own Bubble Jar DIY
Clean glass jars, labels removed *
Spray paint or craft paint (it is easier to use spray paint if you need a lot of favors)
Liquid Nails ( preferred strong glue choice) 
Plastic doll, animal, soldier (whatever goes with your theme!)

Brilliant Before & After

This old desk is transformed so beautifully.

this gorgeous metallic herringbone desk by restoration expert Ann Marie of Twice Lovely

Basic Steps:

1. Sand the finish on the body of the desk down to the raw wood with an orbital sander and by hand.

2. Apply two coats of Minwax Dark Walnut Stain to the raw wood.

3. Apply Satin Finish Verathane Poly over the stain.

4. Spray the drawers with Black Satin Spray Paint.

5. Draw vertical lines with a pencil as a guide for the herringbone design.

6. Freehand draw the vertical lines with a silver paint pen.

7. Freehand draw the diagonal ticking with the silver paint pen.

8. Add new hardware.

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Diy Baby Dino


Cute baby dino for the little ones. If you want to make your very own click here... for the pattern

DIY Decor Metallic Gold Zebra Print Rug

This awesome project is from Caroline Inge

Ah, the animal print. Some style decades have embraced this wild pattern, others have turned up their noses. It’s pretty clear that these days designers are again embracing animal prints of all shapes and sizes.

Quick Butterfly Craft from magazine pages

Very easy and simple butterfly craft you can do. All you need are scissors, magazines, a pipe cleaner, and fishing line (optional).

This might be something to decorate gifts with.


Diy Rustic Twig Frame


We found this great idea on This is a fun and easy way to frame a favorite picture and add a touch of rustic charm to your décor.