Disco Ball Ideas


DIY Disco ball headband. Perfect accessory for New Years Eve party. Get tutorial at A Subtle Revelry.


To make this cool disco Ball you need some unwanted CD’s, aluminum tape, and a paper lantern. Via...

Learn how to make a lightweight disco ball using Silver Plastic Mirror Mat. Perfect for all your home dancing needs!

Diy disco ball drink stirrers. Tutorial...


DIY Disco Ball Necklace

Learn how to make this beautiful Spherical Tetra lamp shade from recycled food packaging.Tutorial in the video below.


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Makes amazing light effects!

Diy Disco Globe. Tutorial...


Diy disco ball helmet. Step by step tutorial here...


Awesome mirrored disco ball costume. Get the step by step tutorial here...


Disco Ball Gnome for the holidays. Covered with thousands of tiny mirrors, all applied by hand. Get yours here...


Nearly 3,000 vinyl records will fill the Third Floor Main Gallery just waiting to be walked on. Via...


Disco Ball Helmet on Etsy...


Fringe Christmas Streamers


Make Fringe Christmas Streamers using foil ribbon, scissors - fringe scissors if you have. Perfect decoratation for your New Year’s Eve party!

Get the tutorial here...


FREE New Year’s Eve Printable & Party Favor Idea

These are super easy to whip up and are the perfect addition to YOUR New Year’s Eve party!

Get the free printable right here

White chocolate cherries!

I love this idea for a dessert at this time of year. It is so elegant and healthy too.

See how it is done right here

DIY - Watercolor Mug


How about decorating your plain porcelain mug with nail polish? Super easy project that takes no time!

You will need:

White Ceramic Mug
Old or Disposable Bowl/Container
Nail Polish

Just follow the step by step tutorial right here... at Poppytalk or watch the video below!

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Beautiful Ice lanterns


Make your own ice lantern to line your walkway. See more beautiful ice lantern ideas in the gallery below.

You can make Ice Marbles using balloons, Kool-aid or food colouring and water.

Here is a video shown how to make ice candles. Via...

Beautiful caramel spiral decoration


We came a cross this beautiful caramel spiral tutorial on Duh Licious. It's a great decoration for the new years eve dessert.


1/4 cup golden syrup
1/4 cup water
2 cups sugar
a cylindrical metal tool ( you can use back of a whisk)
1 tbsp butter, or oil.

Wiew the recipe here... on Duh Licious


Be patient with these caramel spirals. They take time and a steady hand, but they are totally worth all the effort :)