DIY - Monster Eye Cake


Make this cute monster eye cake for Halloween using Oreo cookies, Junior mints and M&M's. Go to The Cake Blog for full tutorial.

So easy. The kids can really help out with this one!

Fridge Makeover


Update your refrigerator using only electrical tape and scissors and create a look inspired by traditional Turkish kilim rugs.  Such a brilliant idea.



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These kitchen tricks will make everything so much easier

Open jars instantly with a bottle opener.

Gently lift the edge of the jar’s lid until you hear the seal pop, and then unscrew like normal.(via This Week for Dinner)

Use a hot knife to slice cake perfectly.

Run your knife underneath the hot water from the tap, dry it off with a towel, and then cut your cake. You may need to re-heat the knife a couple times throughout the process but it works like a charm, especially on thick, rich cakes, like this SoNo Chocolate Ganache Cake. (via Jane Maynard)

Freeze leftover wine to use for cooking later.

If you ever find yourself with leftover wine (Does that happen?), just measure out the leftovers into Ziploc bags and toss in the freezer for later; perfect for when you need wine in a recipe!(via This Week for Dinner)

Serve ice cream with a knife, not a scoop.

Next time you’re serving ice cream at a party throw the scoop away. Just dip the closed ice cream container into a large bowl of hot water from the tap for 15-30 seconds, remove the lid, and invert onto a large platter or wood cutting board, then slice the servings with a hot knife.(via Jane Maynard)

DIY - Milk Jug Toy Scoop

Think how much fun your kids will have picking up their toys with a  milk jug toy scoop!

It’s great for Legos, little cars, and other small toys.


Milk Jug



Step by step tutorial

DIY - Washi Tape Picture Frames


Make these adorable picture frames using Washi tape and photos of your choice. They  look professional and stylish and they’re easily removed without damaging your walls. Go to for instructions!