Dream House Chicken Coop

When we saw this chicken coop that Southern revival made we smiled and and thought it was so worth sharing with you guys! Chicken coop with a sign that says keep calm and raise chickens and even has a nightlight and a pink staircase must be one of the cutest we have seen.

See the whole story here

Make some stamps from a potato

Cutting out a potato is such a good idea to make your own stamp.


How to Make Paper Beads

A great tutorial from designdazzle.com

First, using a sharp knife or scissors, cut your paper to the shapes shown below. I like to cut a 11.5″ template from an old cereal box and then draw multiple images by tracing onto scrapbook paper lightly with a pencil. Then use a knife or scissors to cut out (your kids may be able to do this depending on age – but you DO need to be reasonably accurate).

Using a cocktail stick, wrap the wide end of each strip around tightly and secure using a tiny spot of glue (I used Tombow liquid glue which holds and dries in a couple of seconds).

Keep on rolling using the occasional spot of glue until  you reach the end – and you are done! You can see below several examples of each bead – you don’t have to worry at all about them all looking identical – they won’t! Give the beads a coat of Glossy Mod Podge for extra shine and protection.


Diy Picture Frame Memory Wreath


Here is a fun and unique way to display family photos.


Head over to Infarrantly Creative for full tutorial

Fun snack for kids!


Put jello in straws and make WORMS!! This recipe is simple and would be great for the Halloween party. Here...  is the recipe.

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Diy: Vintage stars

We came across a tutorial for these cardboard stars on the Grey Luster Girl and the The Glue Gun girl. It's amazing that these stars are created from cereal boxes. Very beautiful and good recycling idea :)


In the video below you can see how it's done.