How to build a bathroom vanity from a second hand table.

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A few months ago when I was updating our half bath, I knew that I wanted to rip out the pedestal sink.  The sink itself was fine, but it just didn’t do anything for me.  When we built the house, we tried to get the builder to not install that sink (or any of the flooring in the house, for that matter), but they said it was a legal requirement.  Bummer!

Anyway, I knew that I wanted to do something unique for the vanity in that room.  The bathroom itself is very small, so the vanity was going to have to have quite a personality since there wasn’t much other than paint that I could add in there.  I searched for months for ideas online, and I finally came across plans to build this vanity from an old dining table.

The plans are available for about $6 online, but I knew that I didn’t want to make my vanity exactly like this one. My vanity would need to be narrower for starters.  I also decided to put in a self-rimming sink instead of a vessel.  So, I DIY’d my own version and put together a little tutorial for anyone else who may want to attempt something similar.

How to Build a Bathroom Sink Vanity From an Old Dining Table

1.  Find a second-hand wooden table that you would like to use. Make sure you like the shape of the legs and the skirt boards of the table.  I decided that I wanted a farmhouse style table, and so I posted this photo on Facebook and asked if any of my local friends had one they wanted to part with.

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DIY Wooden Yarn Bowl

So your girlfriend likes knitting things! Making her a beautiful bamboo yarn bowl that keeps the yarn from getting entangled and unrolls the yarn would be a nice option.

Materials needed

- wooden bowl (bamboo bowl from Ikea)
- Dremel with a wood milling bit
- small wood drill bit that fits into your Dremel
- Sandpaper stripes
- Dremel polishing bit
- Beeswax block
- Two really steady hands!

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Watermelon flower garden


Watermelon flower sticks is the perfect healthy party food. The kids can easily help to create this beautiful and delicious flower garden.

You will need:

1 Oblong seeded watermelon
1 Small yellow watermelon (or substitute mini red watermelon or pineapple)
Flower shape cookie cutters
Melon baller
15-20 Skewers for flower stems
40-50 Popsicle or jumbo craft sticks for picket fence
Hot glue gun
Green food coloring and pipe cleaners (optional)

See the full instructions here...


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Utilizing Small Balcony

This is an amazing transformation of a super small utility balcony into an outdoor retreat. It's fair to say that the balcony is utilized to its fullest :)



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DIY: Paper flower napkin rings


We came across this super cool DIY project at Aunt Peaches. You will need for each flower: 3 small paper plates, scissors and glue stick or double stick tape.


These paper plate flowers are easy to make and they keep their shape. If you are particular with how you adhere the flower to the napkin ring, you can use it over and over. Or skip the napkin ring and use the flowers for something else. See the full tutoral at Aunt Peaches

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DIY: Popcorn Box


Have some fun with a bit of paper and make a popcorn box to use in the birthday party for exsample. See here... step by step tutorial and the popcorn box template.

Repurposed old watches!

If you have an old vintage watch that doesn't work any longer in your jewelry box (or maybe your mom's jewelry box) turn it into a cute little picture frame bracelet or use your imagination to use it any way you desire.