Branch Weaving - Fun for the kids


Weaving is a fun activity that most children enjoy. Here is a fun tutorial on how to weave on branches. After a quick lesson, most kids are weaving like pros. So go on and grab some branches and let's weave!

Beautiful, colourful yarn
A branch shaped in a V shape
Wool sewing needle

Go to Natural Suburbia for full tutorial


DIY Concrete Egg Bunkers

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Break­fast can be a haz­ardous affair when you’ve got kids. These DIY Con­crete Egg Bunkers from will keep the eggs safe and sound until the kids are ready to gob­ble them up. Enjoy!


  • Con­crete mix (avail­able at your local hard­ware store)
  • An egg
  • Small card­board (for mold)
  • Veg­etable oil (to remove egg from mold)
  • Plas­tic wrap
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint­brush

Full tutorial

DIY Fall Leaf Art


Here's a great DIY project that can be hung just about anywhere.

You will need:

matte board  3" X 4"
leaves, delicate flowers, lace ... really anything flat with some sort of texture
3M Spray Glue
inexpensive aluminum foil
the $1 a can matte black spray paint found at Home Depot ... seriously, you want the cheap stuff
0000 steel wool
canvas, matte board or even cardboard for the background

Head over to Cassie Stephens to see the full tutorial

Create a Gallery Wall at Home

A charming collection of old tiles framed.

Love this clean and eclectic look

Old prints with a clean look

Arrangement of vintage photos in black frames

A floor to ceiling display

A Pottery Barn Style display

Funky Retro Style

Beautiful knitted shoes from Iceland

These beautiful hand knitted shoes are made in a little town called Seyðisfjörður in Iceland.

It is safe to say that they are a work of art!


DIY flower art for your home

Spray paint faux flowers one color and attach to a canvas or frame with plexibox. Looks good doesn't it?


Clikc here... for more great DIY ideas & inspirations!

DIY Horse on a Stick

One of the best Diy horse on a stick I have seen so far.

This is what you need to make one of them:

  1. (old) sock, big mensize  
  2. 2 buttons in a bright color
  3. 2 small (black) buttons
  4. quite a lot polyether stuffing
  5. strong white thread
  6. strong dark thread
  7. extra long needle
  8. normal needle
  9. thick woolen yarn for the manes
  10. leftover wool to embroider
  11. cotton rope to secure the sock to the stick
  12. piece of (imitation) leather or about 1 meter of leather strip 2,5 cm wide
  13. about 1 meter of thick natural or polyester rope for the rein
  14. felt for the ears
  15. punch to make holes in the leather strip
  16. 2 key rings diameter 3,5 cm
  17. 2 bells
  18. (old) broomstick (not pictured).

See the full tutorial here