DIY - Felted Dryer Ball Pumpkins

Make these cute felted dryer ball pumpkins to add to our fall decor. Go to for tutorial.

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MagicPlan - The Best App for Decorators

An interior designer’s job has been made limitlessly easier thanks to advances in modern technology, and every year, it seems technology makes more progress to make every aspect of our jobs easier. Thanks to new mobile apps, even creating floor plans is a breeze.

The mobile app market has experienced a significant boom in the past few years, with revenues estimated to rise to Statista $76.52 billion by 2017. Gaming Realms, a company that hosts numerous gaming sites with Free Bingo Hunder updated bingo promotions for players of both desktop and mobile gaming, has said that growth in mobile internet is one of the strongest trends in the industry to date, and with more than 1.75 billion people set to be using smartphones by the end of 2014, mobile apps are becoming more prevalent.

Many phones now advertise that you can do just about anything with them, and apparently, creating floor plans is just one of those things that you can do. Sensopia’s Magic Plan, an app available on both iTunes and Android stores, allows users to create detailed plans without any need for measuring or plotting down data. All you need is a phone with a camera and a working accelerometer, and then you’re good to go.

To use the app, simply load it up and use it to take photos of your rooms, adding annotations wherever necessary. You can then watch your rooms come to life in detailed maps right on your phone. These maps can be shared with other MagicPlan users, or exported as PDFs, JPGs, and other formats (for a small fee). The fees for file export vary, of course, and those who foresee themselves exporting numerous plans throughout the year can choose to get unlimited exports for a year ($99.99), while those looking for more short-term options can pay for unlimited exports for a month ($9.99) or a single export ($2.99).

The app can be downloaded for iTunes here... or Android here...

Brilliant Product - Perky Pet Water Cooler Bird Waterers

Create a welcoming oasis for a wide range of wild birds with this hanging bird waterer from Perky-Pet. Providing a reliable source of fresh, clean drinking water will not only delight the lovely winged creatures, but will also take your outdoor space to a whole new level of bird-watching enjoyment. Buy this item here...

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DIY terrifying glowing eyes

Genius idea!

Use toilet paper rolls to make terrifying glowing eyes. Add a glow stick inside!


Nanaimo Bars

You won’t feel the slightest guilt biting into these; they’re super easy to make, healthy and the beautiful green color comes from spinach! A healthy bite full of iron and protein!

Head over to for the recipe.

The best meatloaf ever! will knock your socks off!

This recipe is a keeper for sure!

Uptown Meatloaf

serves 12

preheat oven 400*F

2 lbs beef sirloin, cut into 3″cubes

1 1/2 lb fatty pork shoulder, cut into 3″ cubes

2 tablespoons fennel seeds

1 medium onion, chopped

6 garlic cloves, minced

3 cups fresh good quality bread crumbs

1 cup fresh Italian parsley, chopped

sea salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste

3 eggs, lightly beaten

1/2 cup V-8 juice

1/2 cup dry white wine

large bunch fresh basil leaves

6 ounces sun-dried tomatoes

1 lb fresh mozzarella, thickly sliced

For full tutorial with images go right here

DIY - Spooky Crystal Ball For Halloween

Make these creepy crystal balls for your next Halloween party. Much more simple to make than it looks. Check out the step by step tutorial here... at Flamingo Toes.

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