Simple and refreshing drink to cool down on a hot day!
Serves 3 - 4


3 cups (24 ounces) red wine (preferably NOT expensive)
2 cups (16 ounces) cola cola
lots of ice

1. Pour ingredients into a pitcher and stir. Pour into individual glasses and



Knitting socks for some branches!

knitting socks for some branches and displaying them in your home
is such a great idea, that i thought i'd share it here
despite the fact that you're bound to bump into it elsewhere too,
practically at every step and turn.

from the home of french artist Aurelie Mathigot.

DIY Mosquito repellent

  • The heat is on and with it comes friendly bugs and not so friendly ones like spiders, centipedes and mosquitoes.

  • Mosquitoes hate the smell of cloves and anything that is citrusy.

  • Here is one of the simplest mosquito repellent recipe to help you enjoy the outdoors:

  • Slice 3 limes

  • Press in 10 to 15 cloves

  • Place in a plate and bring outdoors


DIY: Fringe Sleeves on T-shirt


Make your T-shirt super cool with this DIY project. Go to Trash To Couture for full tutorial.


Click here... to see how to make double sided fringe

Dress up a floating shelf


It's not hard to do this project. 

You will need
• floating shelf with screws
• table design
• overhead projector
• A4-sheet acetate
• thin-tipped permanent marking pen
• paint in the colour of your choice
• artist’s paintbrushes
• drop sheet
• spirit level
• masking tape
• soft pencil

And a litle bit of a patience and carefulness. Via... tutorial


And the result is inexpensive and elegant French-style table for your home :)

Indoor window box


This indoor window box is so beautiful for the kids room. You can use large cardboard box that you cut in half, then glue fabric on the box with glue gun. Finally decorate with artificial flowers and ornaments as you desire. Have fun :)

Diy Jewelery Board

Easy colorful & fun jewelry board! All you need are some twigs, wooden board, paint & screws. This project comes from Rebecca.

Dry some twigs sand them down a bit and start your artwork.

Drill trough your wooden board and fasten your twigs with screws. It wouldn't hurt to put some glue with that!