Whipped Coconut Cream (made from coconut milk)

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You're only two ingredients away from homemade vegan whip..

Chilled can of coconut milk - the top layer of opaque "cream" - this is what you want to whip...

Step 1: Buy a can of full fat coconut milk.
Step 2: Place it in the fridge overnight.
Step 3: Open the can without shaking it or turning upside down.
Step 4: Carefully spoon out the top layer of opaque white stuff that has gathered at the top of the can. Spoon into a mixing bowl. You will be left with about 1/2 cup of white syrup-y looking translucent liquid. Leave this in the can. Note: I use this leftover liquid in numerous coconut-y recipes. Plus, it makes a great coconut syrup - almost like a hydrated extract of coconut flavor.
Step 5: Add 2-3 Tbsp of powdered confectioners sugar to the white stuff. Optional: add cinnamon, vanilla bean - any small amount of flavor you'd like.
Step 6: Grab a hand beater (simple mixers work just as well as expensive ones)
Step 7: Whip the coconut milk froth until creamy. Start on low and move to a higher speed, move the beater in an up and down motion to infuse the mixture with as much air as possible.
Step 8: Serve! You can spoon on top of ice cream, for cream pies, into coffee latte mugs, or eat with a spoon - I guarantee you'll be licking those beaters. And the bowl.


DIY - Copper Clothing Rack


Make your hall way or your bedroom look more stylish with copper pipes hanger. The perfect place to hang and display your prettiest clothing!


You will need:

2 – 24″ Copper Pipes (I used 5/8″ thick hollow copper pipes that I was able to find at my local hardware store)
2 – 14.5″ Copper Pipes
2 – 9″ Copper Pipes
2 – Copper Pipe T’s
2 – Copper Pipe Elbows
2 – Copper Pipe caps (with 1/8″ hole drilled through them)
1/8″ thick Cotton rope (needs to be long enough to attach to your ceiling on either side of the hanger- I bought a 14 meter long rope)
All purpose cement glue
2 – hooks to attach hanger to ceiling

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DIY - Paper Straw Vase


Make this cute spring inspired vase using paper straws and empty tin can. Great Easter table decoration!

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Rose petal & cardamom kulfi


A traditional Indian ice cream that does not contain any eggs.

You will need:

600ml whole milk
300ml double cream
100ml rose syrup
1/2 tsp ground cardamom
petals from 2 unsprayed red roses, washed, finely chopped
2 tbsp finely chopped pistachios

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DIY – Gold leaf Easter eggs

What you need for DIY gold leaf Easter eggs

gold leaf
gold leaf adhesive
- brush for the adhesive
- big brush (like a powder brush) to brush off the excess gold leaf
- white eggs

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DIY Pebble Hangers for Jewelry

Searching for some practical and small budget ways for jewelry organization? Then this is ideal for you. It looks amazing!

You will need only two things: pebbles and a strong double-side mounting tape. There many tapes removable, strong and cheap in the market in order to hang things on your wall.

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How to Make a Suitcase Table

Wow this is such a great fun and unusual table for the kids room!

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