The Justine Case by Silja Hansen


"Justine Case" is an exciting new book from an exiting new author, Silja Hansen, someone I'd recommend keeping an eye on in the future. This short tale tells a story about a woman named Justine Case, a legal office secretary who is on her way to a dinner party held by her friend Gabrielle. The occasion is her friend's art work opening and in the party, Justine gets the shock of her lifetime that's going to literally alter her world. We get pulled into a world of mistery, romance, deceit and horror. This page grabber deals with issues such as losing one's identity, anorexia and lust for forbidden things. I think it's a delightful read and I was always interested to see what would happen next. Silja is obviously a skillful writer who has a knack of grabbing the reader's attention. Well recommended!


Silja Hansen is an Icelandic writer and filmmaker. She was partly raised in Iceland and partly in Canada. She has a BA-degree in Icelandic Literature, an MA-degree in Applied Studies in Culture and Communication and is currently finishing an MA-degree in English: Literature, Culture And Media. Silja writes fiction in both Icelandic and English. You can buy the book  here...