Trac-Grabber - How to get truck unstuck from mud, snow and sand

The Trac-Grabber is a new revolutionary and inexpensive device which is quickly and easily strapped to the drive wheels of a vehicle which is stuck in the sand, mud, or snow, and enables the vehicle to get unstuck quickly under its own power. With the Trac-Grabbers secured to the wheels, the wheels spin to the point where the Trac-Grabbers engage, lift, grab, and move the vehicle back to stable terrain. Trac-Grabbers provide a quick, simple, and effective solution to being stranded and disabled in all types of terrain and adverse conditions. The Trac-Grabber block dimensions for Car/Truck Trac-Grabber are 9in block length, 3.5in block width, and 1.5in block depth. Just strap on a pair of Trac-Grabbers and rescue yourself! Trac-Grabber... Don't get stuck without it!

Buy this item here... or you can make your own as shown in the video below!