DIY - Ombre Drip Flower Pots


The process is simple and fun, and you really can’t do it wrong!


DIY Creatvie Lamps


French designer Pierre Lota shows in these videos brilliant ways to make lamps, using wood clothes hangers. So creative and really easy to make.

Princess Cupcake Cake

gdgfsdYou'll love to make this adorable Princess Dress Cake. It's perfect for parties and I know your little ones will love it too!

11 Cake Decorating Ideas with Candy


These cake decorating tips from Better Homes and Gardens are a fun and easy way to create one-of-a-kind desserts!

DIY Cloud Light


Learn how to make this adorable cloud light for the baby room! Also a great new baby gift idea!

DIY Cute Birdhouse


Create a beautiful decorative birdhouse out of wood veneer with these step by step instruction in the video below!

Brilliant Product - 3D Printing Pen


The 3Doodler is the world's first 3D printing pen, having quickly become Kickstarter's most popular 3D consumer printing device. Designed by WobbleWorks, Inc., an emerging consumer electronics and robotics company with big ideas, the 3Doodler has been created to be compact and easy to use; you simply plug the 3Doodler into a power socket and start drawing anything in 3D within minutes. Whether freestyle 3D sketching, or tracing shapes from templates to make larger architectural structures, anything is possible. Get yours here...

6 DIY Photography Gifts

hdfhdWatch the COOPH team demo how to create some quick DIY photography gifts perfect for those last-minute occasions!

Chocolate Salted Caramel Tart


This chocolate caramel tart from Home Cooking Adventure is absolutely amazing. A buttery almond crust, gooey salted caramel and bittersweet chocolate ganache, all garnished with salted crystals.

Go to Home Cooking Adventure for full recipe...

BBQ Bacon Sushi


BBQ Bacon Sushi! Such a brilliant idea from Cook With Me.

Go to Cook With Me on Facebook for more great ideas!

Teddy Bear Roll Out


Geoffrey Ricardo a Melbourne based artist shows in the video below how to make a cute art with old teddy bear. So adorable!

Here's another video that shows a quick and simple way and you will be very happy with the results!

Chocolate Lace Lollipops


Watch the video to learn how to make these chocolate-lace lollipops that are perfect for party favors, weddings, and after-dinner pleasures!

DIY - Mini Mask


Learn how to make decorative masks using Mod Roc layered over a Mod Mesh base.

Amazing Paper Tricks


Check out these 10 amazing paper tricks from Brusspup!

The Fire Painter


The artist Steve Spazuk creates incredible art using flame from a candle. Amazing!

Extremely cool pool


This pool seems not to be interesting in the photo. But it will amaze you when you look at the video.

Oreo Dip


In just 3 minutes, you can actually make Oreos better!

How To Decorate Cookies for Valentine's Day

gdfgdMake your Valentine's day super special with these beautiful and super cute cookies! Make a batch for your sweetheart or save them all for yourself!

Valentine's Day Owl Cookies


Learn how to decorate adorable owl cookies for Valentine's Day!

Heart Shaped Kit Kat Cake

gdgLearn how to make this beautiful heart shaped Kit Kat cake with Valentines candy on top!

How To Make Perfect Bacon in the Oven


You'll love this simple tip for cooking bacon in the oven!

Turn Milk Into Whipped Cream


Learn how to make a fluffy whipped cream from the milk you already have in your refrigerator.

1/4 Cup of cold water
10 Grams of unflavoured gelatin
1 Cup of full cream milk
1/2 Tablespoon of vanilla essence
1/4 Cup of icing sugar

How To Peel A Hardboiled Egg In Seconds!


This is how to peel a completely boiled egg in a glass of water!

Brilliant Product - Kreg DIY Project Kit


3 Must-Have Tools and Step-By-Step Plans for Building Custom Home Projects!

The Kreg DIY Project Kit overcomes these challenges. That's because the DIY Project Kit equips you with three must-have tools for creating custom home projects: the Kreg Rip-Cut™ Saw Guide, the Kreg R3 Pocket-Hole Jig®, and the Kreg Shelf Pin Jig. With this kit and a few simple tools, you will be able to:

    1. Cut plywood and other project materials quickly and accurately.
    2. Assemble your project with Kreg’s proven pocket-hole joinery – the strongest and fastest way possible.
    3. Create custom adjustable shelves that sit level and don't wobble.

How to make a steel door look like wood!


Making a steel door look like wood is easy with the ZAR Wood Stain and ZAR Graining tool. "UGL ZAR" GRAINING TOOL simulate beautiful wood grain. Make steel doors look like wood. Works on wood, metal and plastic Carded. See how it's done in the video below.