DIY Spooky Candles For Halloween


Tanya Memme shows in the video below how to make these super spooky candles from PVC pipe, hot glue and paint. Really easy and fun DIY project for Halloween!

Learn How to Make a Ribbon Rose in Under a Minute


You need 75cm to make one of these roses. To finish just tie off with a piece of wire or a stitch.

For more Ribbon ideas and inspiration visit

DIY - A Shoe Display


Learn how to make a wall shoe rack to organize and display all of your heels in a decorative and efficient way!

Go to Leaf for the step-by-step tutorial

DIY Candy Spiders For Halloween


This kids' Halloween craft is easy and adorable! You will need : A foam paintbrush, black acrylic paint, a styrofoam ball, color 12-gauge aluminum wire, wire cutters, a thick marker or spool, gumdrops, gummy life savers, a candy necklace, and ball head straight pins.

Korean Food - Egg Muffins


Egg bread, or egg muffins, is old-fashioned street food in Korea. It is especially popular in the cold winter. Freshly baked steaming egg muffins will melt your heart. They are sweet with a slightly salty whole egg inside. They taste very delicious. They are a little unique and fun to make. Of course, they are very easy to make too!

Go to Aeri's Kitchen for full recipe with step by step photos

DIY Jar Head Decor


Check this out if you love REALLY COOL Halloween Decor!

Source: Hallmark Channel

Microwaved Tomato Soup


Tomato soup is all about comfort. Sick days, snow days—what would they be without a big bowl of it accompanied by a gooey grilled cheese? And like its melty best bud, tomato soup is the sort of dish you want to whip up in a matter of minutes. Visit for the recipe!

DIY Crayon Ornaments


Make these colorful Christmas ornaments using Crayons, clear glass ornaments and a hair dryer. They will look awesome hanging on the Christmas tree and the little hands at your home will love to make their own melted Crayon ornaments!

Source: SwellDesigner

Ferrero Rocher Cupcakes


Learn how to make these delicious Ferraro Rocher cupcakes with Nutella buttercream!

Get the recipe at Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio

From Blazer to Couture Coat Dress


Mark Montano shows in the video below how to turn a short blazer into a beautiful Lace Couture Coat Dress with minimal sewing! Easier than you think!

1 Blazer
2 yards heavy cotton or wool fabric
2 yards embellished lace
Sewing machine
E-6000 Fabri-Fuse Glue
Straight pins
Fabric chalk

Go to Mark Montano blogs for more great ideas

DIY Drum Shade Ceiling Light Cover


Have ugly ceiling fixtures in your apartment? Cover them up with a DIY drum shade to repurpose old ceiling fixtures into a beautiful stylish statement.


DIY - Spiderman Candy Apples


Make these cute Spiderman Candy Apples for Halloween!

DIY - Neck Tie into Bow Tie


Learn how to turn your old and damaged neck tie that you can't wear anymore into a simple little bow tie! Get the full tutoral at

Watch the vide to learn how to tie a neck tie into a bow tie!

The Dancing Traffic Light



DIY - Jellyfish in a bottle


Make your own jellyfish in a bottle. A fun science project for kids!

You will need:

1. A transparent plastic grocery bag
2. A plastic water bottles.
3. Thread
4. Food coloring
5. Scissors

Go to BhoomPlay for step by step tutorial

DIY Gold Candle Jars


Allison from shows in the video below a simple ways to transform and reuse candle jars and lids into decorative containers.

3 DIY tortilla tricks: How to make your own taco shells, taco bowls and tortilla chips


Learn how to make homemade tortilla chips, taco shells and taco bowls in the oven.

Source: Eating Well

5 DIY String Light Ideas


Learn how to make five avesome string light arts on canvas to brighten up your home!

DIY Sequin Lamp Shade


If you like sequins and sparkly things, here's a fun way to give your old lamp shade a new look!

Carbonated Celery Gimlet Cocktail


Make Celery-flavored soda for your guests. This will bring them a pleasant surprise!

Full recipe and more at

The Fastest Way to Peel a Bag of Potatoes


Watch the video to see how to peel a bag of potatoes in under 60 seconds using a toilet brush. Genius!


9 Ways To Fold Fancy Holiday Napkins


Fold napkins into amazing works of art, that will dazzle your guests, and make your holiday dinners extra stunning! They're easier than you might think!

The Best Way to Store Food in the Freezer


In this video, Tracy Kaplan of shares two simple methods for making your own flexible, reusable freezer packs.

DIY - Wrapped Sleeves Sweater


Here’s a great way to revamp an old sweater. So simple and stylish!

Source: Boat People

Diy Hot Air Balloon Mobile from Paper


Make this cute hot air balloon mobile. Perfect as children’s room decor! You can find template and more greate paper projects at Paper Matrix

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