How To Tie 4 Scarves 16 Ways


Watch the video below and learn how to tie four scarves 16 easy ways, to get an ultra-chic look!

Diy - PVC Sword


Here is a great sword that you can make for your children. It takes about 5 minutes to make each one!

DIY: Lazy Susan Shoe Storage


This lazy susan shoe storage from Better Homes and Gardens  is easy to build and will provide you with a cheap storage solution!

Head over to Better Homes and Gardens for step by step instructions


DiY - Mixed Media Desk Accessories


Learn how to make a recycled mixed media desk set using tin cans, jars, leftover scraps and jewelry pieces. It's easier than you think!

Head over to Mark Montano blog for more great DIY ideas!

DIY Daybed and Headboard


Daybed and headboard made from doors and a few boards, this twin-size daybed is easy to make and provides lots of storage. It is also possible to skip the mattress and the headboard and use it as a coffee table instead.

Head over Lowes for instructions

Diy Antique Looking Mirror


Tara form Better Homes and Gardens  shows in the video below an incredibly easy and cheap way to get an antique effect on mirrors in your home.

Head over to Better Homes and Gardens for full instructions

How to Make Blooming Onion


Learn how to make a batter-fried blooming onion with a spicy, zesty dipping sauce. It's just like the restaurant's famous blooming onion. And it's surprisingly easy to make!

Watch the video to learn how and you'll be a blooming onion expert in no time!

Get the recipe for Blooming Onion and Dipping Sauce at

DIY Crazy Character Easter Baskets


Make these crazy characters baskets for Easter. So adorable and the kids will love them!

You will need:

4-ply cotton yarn
Goggle eyes, trims and stickers (to decorate)
Shredded tissue paper

Hop on over to Better Homes and Gardens for video tutorial...

DIY Concrete Umbrella Stand


Make  your own umbrella stand out of concrete and Ikea lamp shade! The lamp shade is relatively cheap and makes an attractive concrete mold that can be re-used for dozens of castings!


For step by step instructions, go to Instructable

DIY Easter Basket


DIY Easter basket by using balloons and jute rope. So cute and really easy to make!

A Brilliant Way To Peel An Apple


Have you ever made a dish that required a lot of apples? Peeling all those apples can be a terrible chore. Jasper van Ramshorst has figured out an ingenious way to get through all those apple peels. He simply use a clean power drill to spin the apples at high speed while holding a peeler against the skin of the fruit. This is what I call thinking outside the box!

DIY - Beach Rock Rug


Recycle your old clothes and blankets and make this soft and comfortable beach rock rug!

great video tutorial by Celine Vautour that will teach you how to make a beach rock rug and will give you the chance to recyle your old clothes and blankets! - See more at:

DIY - Paper Bowtie


This paper bowtie is pretty cool and different. A bowtie that will have people lining up just to look at you. Made out of using Canson Mi-Teintes drawing paper. Watch the video and see how it's done. Head over to Were Techy Meets Pretty + etc  for free template.

The Necktie Merovingian or Ediety Knot


This knot is pretty cool and different, like the Eldredge Knot. Watch the video and see how it's done!


How to Checkerboard Lace your Shoes


Learn how to checkerboard lace your shoes with no bow! Watch the step by step instructions in the video below!

The video is 13 minutes long

Diy Hanging Garden


Here is a  great an easy-to-make DIY project by Ben Uyeda from Homemade Modern. In the video below he shows how to make a vertical garden that can turn a window into a beautiful and productive herb garden.

Watch the video below to see how it's done or go to Homemade-Modern to see more about this project

DIY - Industrial Style Chandelier


Learn how to make an industrial style chandelier for your home. It makes a bold statement in any room! Watch the video below to see how it's done!

See chandelier list and more great crafty tutorials at

How to Arm Knit an Infinity Scarf in 30 Minutes


This is super easy. All you need is a lots of bulky yarn and you’re ready! 

Source Handimania

DIY Starburst Mirror


Make this large and gorgeous starburst mirror using branches!

Cool Picture Frame Idea


Brent Holland shows you a simple and inexpensive way to make a cool and different picture frame by using a wire or twine.

Flower Bouquet Gift Wrapping


This tutorial from Shiho's Craft Cafe shows how to wrap flower bouquets  in an unforgettable presentation the receivers will always remember.

Different Ways to Wear 1 Scarf


Here are cool and different ways to wear your scarf!

Honey Mustard Dressing


Honey Mustard Dressing


1/4 cup Mayonnaise or Greek jogurt
1/4 cup Dijon mustard
1/4 cup Honey
1 tbsp White vinegar
1 tbsp Yellow mustard
1/8 tsp paprika

DIY: I Love You PillowCases


Make your own pillowcases. A romantic and cute idea for Valentine's day!

Click here... for more great ideas for Valentine's day!

Healthy Chocolate Cake


Tess Ward chef and food blogger shows in the video below how to make a delecious sugar-free cake!


400 g tin unseasoned Black Beans
5 large eggs
1 tbsp vanilla extract
80 g salted butter
3 tbsp honey
2 tsp pure stevia
50 g cocoa powder
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp bicarb