For Your Pets

This is so adorable idea for the cats

Catwalk – Cool Cat Playground

This is so adorable idea for the cats. Bill Hilgendorf and Maria Cristina Rueda turned their Brooklyn apartment into a bright playground where their two cats can get indoor exercise. Real catwalk along the...
DIY - Pet Teepee

DIY – Pet Teepee

This teepee provide the perfect escape for your pet, and is a charming addition to any room, while providing a place for your pet to take a nap or hide his toys. This is...
DIY Mid Century Style Pet Bed

DIY Mid Century Style Pet Bed

Dog and cat lovers, here’s a VERY easy mid century style bed that your pet will love. Hop on over to ournerdhome.comfor step by step tutorial!
DIY - Kitty Scratch House

DIY – Kitty Scratch House

Would your little kitty like one of these? Take a look at this tutorial... to find out how to build one too! So adorable!

More Good Ideas

Bicycle Rack Ideas

DIY – Bicycle Rack

Build this simple and inexpensive bike rack. It not only keeps bikes and scooters organized, but there's a place to hang helmets! Go to...
DIY Sea Glass Bowl

DIY Sea Glass Bowl

Learn how to make this gorgeous sea glass bowl with tacky glue and sandwich wrap.
Before & After - Red Dresser

Before & After – Red Dresser

An easy way to update furniture is with paint. This thrift store dresser was turned into a work of art with red paint and...


Make your own natural spoons with clay and driftwood. So creative and beautiful! You can use them for dry foods like sprinkling sugar on your...
DIY Terra Cotta Clay Pot Fountain

DIY Terra Cotta Clay Pot Fountain

Build a terra cotta fountain that is simple to make and fits on a table top!

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