DIY - Felted Bell Ornaments

DIY – Felted Bell Ornaments

These Felted Bell Ornaments are so beautiful, your can hang some on your Christmas tree or on a pretty winter branch, string a bunch together in a beautiful garland, or give a few in...
DIY Braided Knit Headband

DIY Braided Knit Headband

Learn how to make this super cool braided knit headband! The video tutorial is 17 minutes long and in Russian, but it is really easy to follow!
DIY - Cute Owl For Chair

DIY – Cute Owl For Chair

The owl on the back of this chair is so cute and comfortable for the kids when they are crafting or doing homework. It's fun, friendly and very fluffy! Watch the video to see how...
DIY Cute Animal Mat

DIY Cute Animal Mat

Learn how to make this adorable plush animal mat. You can customize this rug according to your kiddo's animal preferences. So cute for your little one! Full tutoral and pictures right here...
DIY - Cross Cut On T-Shirt

DIY – Cross Cut On T-Shirt

This is a cool way to reuse old t-shirt into a new one. Here... you can download the pattern.
Giant Knit Bunny

Giant Arm knit Bunnies

I have a feeling you’re going to love these giant bunnies. The best thing is that they take only a few hours to knit and put together, and you don't need to be a...
DIY - Alphabet Pillows

DIY – Alphabet Pillows

Make these cute alphabet pillows. Perfect as children’s room decor or just for fun! So cute and kids will love them! Go to Little Inspiration for instructions!
Why an electric mixer of course!!!

Why an electric mixer of course!!!

KitchenAid for a ball winder! KitchenAid stand mixer run on motor speed 6 balled a skein of yarn in about 45 seconds. That has to be one of the best things I've seen in a long...

30+Creative Pom Poms Ideas

Here you can find creative pom pom ideas to add a little whimsy to your life! Click here... to see how to make this colorful pom pom chandelier So cute. Source Pom Pom Rain Cloud. Source With...
Who doesn't adore Barbapapa?

Who doesn’t adore Barbapapa?

I think it is a fantastic idea to crochet the whole family! This images is taken from Etsy where you can buy the pattern.

More Good Ideas

DIY Outdoor Seating

DIY Outdoor Seating

Make this awesome cinderblock and wood outdoor seating for your garden or patio. So clever and really easy to make! You will need: 12 cinderblocks (6...
DIY Concrete Desk

DIY Concrete Desk

Make this minimalist concrete desktop and wood legs with shelves in the legs, for a bit of extra storage. Pretty cool! Go to for step...
How To Master the Bobby Pin - Quick Tip for Updo Styling

How To Master the Bobby Pin – Quick Tip for Updo Styling

This is an amazing technique on how to lock a bobby pin in place so effectively that you could secure your entire hairstyle with...
DIY – Baby Shadow Box Keepsake

DIY – Baby Shadow Box Keepsake

A shadow box is the perfect way to preserve baby memorabilia! Scroll down to see more wonderful and creative ways to display memories! So cute...

Creative Apartment Of A Gallery Owner From SÃO PAULO

This apartment in Brazil has some amazing details. Take the tour! Every wall of this apartment has modern artwork collected by it's dweller, a young...

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