DIY - Crochet Flower Necklace

DIY – Crochet Flower Necklace

This beautiful crochet flower necklace is perfect project for beginners! You will need: cotton yarn, size F crochet hook, needle and thread, seed beeds, necklace chain and a scissors. Go to Handcrafted Vintage for instructions.
Who Doesn't Adore Barbapapa?

Who Doesn’t Adore Barbapapa?

I think it is a fantastic idea to crochet or paint on stones the whole family. This image is taken from Etsy where you can buy the pattern. Easy and fun project, made by Berglind Sigmars...
DIY Luxe Fur Pom Throw

DIY Luxe Fur Pom Throw

Make this gorgeous statement piece using your old or new blanket, Faux Fur, and polyfill stuffing. Very pretty, I love this idea! Just follow the step by step tutorial right here...
DIY - Baby Bibs

DIY – Baby Bibs

Do you have a stack of shirts in your closet that are no longer in use? Why don't you reuse them into adorable baby bibs? Such a clever and a cute idea! Go to Peek-a-boo...
DIY - Felted Bell Ornaments

DIY – Felted Bell Ornaments

These Felted Bell Ornaments are so beautiful, your can hang some on your Christmas tree or on a pretty winter branch, string a bunch together in a beautiful garland, or give a few in...
DIY Braided Knit Headband

DIY Braided Knit Headband

Learn how to make this super cool braided knit headband! The video tutorial is 17 minutes long and in Russian, but it is really easy to follow!
DIY - Cute Owl For Chair

DIY – Cute Owl For Chair

The owl on the back of this chair is so cute and comfortable for the kids when they are crafting or doing homework. It's fun, friendly and very fluffy! Watch the video to see how...
DIY Cute Animal Mat

DIY Cute Animal Mat

Learn how to make this adorable plush animal mat. You can customize this rug according to your kiddo's animal preferences. So cute for your little one! Full tutoral and pictures right here...
DIY - Cross Cut On T-Shirt

DIY – Cross Cut On T-Shirt

This is a cool way to reuse old t-shirt into a new one. Here... you can download the pattern.
Giant Knit Bunny

Giant Arm knit Bunnies

I have a feeling you’re going to love these giant bunnies. The best thing is that they take only a few hours to knit and put together, and you don't need to be a...

More Good Ideas

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Here you can find cute homemade Valentine's Day gift ideas for your sweetheart! Really easy and fun to make! This would be a fun gift...

Chocolate Caramel-Covered Banana Goblins

These bananas are so simple to make, you’ll want to eat them every day! Get the recipe here...
Loop Waterfall Braid

Loop Waterfall Braid

Learn how to create this Loop Waterfall Braid. A Beautiful hairstyle for those days when you just want to wear something gorgeous! For more hair...

Slow Cooker BBQ Turkey Meatballs

Easy meatballs whipped up in the slow cooker and smothered in zesty BBQ. Dinner or appetizer worthy! Ingredients: 1 large egg 2 pounds 92-97% lean ground turkey 2/3 cup...
DIY - Scrap Ends Table

DIY – Scrap Ends Table

This end table was made almost entirely with scrap wood. It doesn't matter the size of the scrap wood, and you can make the...

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