DIY - Outdoor Planter Bench

DIY – Outdoor Planter Bench

Learn how to build this fabulous outdoor planter bench for your garden or patio that combines seating space with your plants! Looking for the perfect garden  bench this summer? Head over to My Daily Randomness for...
How To Make Trash Can Planter

Grow a Garden in a Trash Can

Why not?! Here are a few simple tips to repurpose a trash can. Make a fab, fun planter for all of your favorite vegetables, flowers or fruit trees.
DIY Hanging Basket Wood Stand

DIY Hanging Basket Wood Stand

Learn how to make this adorable hanging basket wood stand! This is such a simple project and great decorating idea for porch and patio. Hop on over to Shanty 2 Chic for instructions
DIY - Terracotta Light houses

DIY – Terracotta Light houses

Looking for a simple project to decorate your yard? Why not make this terracotta clay pots. It's surprisingly easy to assemble, and it even features a lantern on top to cast a warm glow. You...
Cool Tree Faces!

Cool Tree Faces!

In the woods near Nottingham, old men still tell tales peppered with fairies and tree people coming to life. Exclusively for Toscano, the artist selected a pliable composite that wraps around your tree and...
DIY - Ceramic pots with feet

DIY – Ceramic pots with feet

Watch the video and find out how to add polymer clay feet to ceramic pots! So adorable! For detailed instructions and tips go to
DIY Pot People

DIY Pot People

They will look gorgeous in your garden and they are so easy to make! See how to make them in this video!
BBQ Bacon Sushi

BBQ Bacon Sushi

BBQ Bacon Sushi! Such a brilliant idea from Cook With Me.
No trees required, Prefect for when you want to lay out in the sun with some friends..

No trees required, Prefect for when you want to lay out in the sun...

Do you want to bath under the sun, but you just can’t go out for whatever reason you have? You will just need block of woods that are tall enough to support a hammock.  

Cool Tree Stump & Log Ideas

You can reuse a fallen trees and turn them into a cool flower planters for your garden or patio. Choose a thick branch or the trunk, hollow it out (made even easier if the...

More Good Ideas

Bottoms Up! Irish Cream Hot Fudge Cupcakes

Bottoms Up! Irish Cream Hot Fudge Cupcakes

These cupcakes would be such fun for parties, and with their upturned bottles they'll look snazzy on display! Hop on over to for the...
DIY - Colorful Coat Hooks

DIY – Colorful Coat Hooks

Make this colorful hooks to store your coats and accessories. Really easy to make and so decorative! Go to for instructions! See More Coat...
Edible Christmas Mice

How To Make Edible Mice

These Mice are so cute and fun to create and make an adorable presentation for parties! You will need: Hershey Kisses, unwrapped, slivered almonds or halved...
Waffle Ice Cream Cake

Waffle Ice Cream Cake

Looking for a yummy dessert everyone loves? Try this Waffle Ice Cream Cake. Really easy to make and so impressive!
Humorous Christmas Cards

Humorous Christmas Cards

Now that is what we call a clever way to reuse Christmas cards and what´s more important, it´s funny! A few years ago I received...

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