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How To Make Homemade Compost Tumbler from Barrel

How To Make Homemade Compost Tumbler from Barrel

Learn how to build a tumbling composter out of a 55 gallon barrel. These barrels are generally very available to most folks and are very robust and will last many years in the elements...
DIY Outdoor Seating

DIY Outdoor Seating

Make this awesome cinderblock and wood outdoor seating for your garden or patio. So clever and really easy to make! You will need: 12 cinderblocks (6 for each side) 4 pieces of  4" x 4" x 10...
How to Make Giant Bubbles & Bubble Maker

How to Make Giant Bubbles & Bubble Wand

Learn how to make huge bubbles using wooden dowels and some string. The giant bubble wand is very easy to make at home. All you need is a two wooden dowels, 10 cups of warm...
DIY Pallet Coffee Table with Drink Cooler

DIY Pallet Coffee Table with Drink Cooler

We love this coffee table, so creative and unique. You can use it for a cooler for drinks at a summer party, you can plant it with beautiful flowers or cool succulents or put...
DIY - Harvest Potato Planter

DIY – Harvest Potato Planter

Now you can grow potatoes anywhere, even on your balcony. This is such a brilliant idea! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zszmMPTg4wY
DIY - Concrete Ideas

DIY – Concrete Ideas

It's so easy to work with concrete, it is easier than baking a cake! You can create beautiful things for your home or garden such as, flower planter, coffee table, cake stand, jewelry, cute mushroom...
DIY - Corrugated Iron Animals

DIY – Corrugated Iron Animals

Jason Hodges from Better Homes and Gardens, saves some old corrugated iron from the scrap heap and gives it a new life as a contemporary garden sculpture! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poWI5DssJzU
DIY - Trampoline Swing

DIY – Trampoline Swing

If your backyard trampoline is damage beyond economic repair you can reuse it and turn it into awesome luxurious hanging garden bed for your porch or yard. Such a brilliant idea! Trampoline Backyard Lounge Swing....
DIY - Outdoor Furniture Ideas

DIY – Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Here you can find fun and creative outdoor furniture ideas to give your backyard and outdoors areas a fresh look. Diy outdoor concrete stool or table. Tutorial... Table with built in drink cooler. Via... DIY Beer Bottle...
DIY Garden Chair From Plastic Crate

DIY Garden Chair From Plastic Crate

This upcycled garden chair is really cool and different. To make your own you will need: Plastic crate, jigsaw, screwdriver, sandpaper, screws and washers. Definitely a conversation piece! Go to Micasa for the tutorial which...

More Good Ideas

How to Pack a Carry-On like a Pro!

How to Pack a Carry-On like a Pro!

Learn how to pack a carry-on like a pro with this unique bundling method!
IKEA Hack - Turn Wood Train Set Into...

IKEA Hack – Turn Wood Train Set Into…

Turn LILLABO rail tracks from IKEA into wall tree. We love this idea so creative and cute! Source: Mommo Design

DIY – Drum Lampshade

Learn how to make your own custom drum lampshade using a DIY lampshade kit. Choose your own wrapping paper to make a lampshade that...
DIY Industrial Pipe Shelving Unit

DIY Industrial Pipe Shelving Unit

Here is a great step by step instructions from Honey Do This on how to build a simple and inexpensive industrial pipe shelving unit!  
Twisted Pizza Breadsticks

Twisted Pizza Breadsticks

You are going to love these Twisted Pizza Breadsticks. Really easy and fun to make. Go to The Weary Chef for recipe and instructions!  

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