How to Coat Photos in Wax

How to Coat Photos in Wax

This is a great technique from Home Made Simple on how to coat photos in wax and give them a dreamy, antiqued treatment.


  1. Print your photo on RC paper. On a clean work surface lined with newspaper, brush the sides and edges of your plywood with primer. Let dry.
  2. Coat the front side of your plywood with a thin, even layer of adhesive. Lay your photo on top of the adhesive, smoothing away air bubbles with your hands. Set aside and let dry.
  3. As you wait, bring 1 1/2 cups water to a boil in a medium-size pot. Pour the beeswax into a smaller pot and set it on top of the boiling water. Stir the wax occasionally until melted and runny in consistency.
  4. In your disposable tray or paint tray liner, position a wooden stand beneath each corner of your picture to elevate it.
  5. Pour all of the warm wax onto the picture, starting in the center and letting the wax run off the sides. Do not touch the wax.
  6. As your wax cools, it will “fog,” turning a cloudy white color that will obscure the image. Don’t worry! Continue to wait and watch as the wax becomes completely clear.
  7. Once cool and hardened, run your scraper along the sides to remove excess wax, then lightly scrape away wax from sections of your image that you want to be more clear and in focus.